Some things you may have missed:

The world is very busy right now and lots of important stuff is being overlooked! There is just too much news and not enough space. We thought it may be a good idea to summarise some important but less published snippets.

  1. Australia Post is extremely busy right now! People are buying online like crazy.. and delivery times are increasing. An average of 2 million parcels have been delivered every day since easter. To help with the demand Aus Post has repurposed 15 sites into parcel processing centres. They are also hiring 600 casual workers through their network. 
  2.  ANZ bank has suspended its dividend. Profits have shrunk 60% as a result of Coronavirus. “The board agrees with the regulator’s guidance that deferring a decision on the 2020 interim dividend is prudent given the present economic uncertainty and that making a decision at this time would not have been appropriate,” Chairman -Mr Dave Gonski.
  3. Travel restrictions have stopped immigration into Australia for the time being. This could lead to a shrinking nation and put a further strain on the Australian Economy. On average a couple has 1.9 Children. So mum and dad aren’t replaced. 
  4. Current Spending trends could be here to stay. Australian’s have embraced online shopping and subscription services. Food deliver is seeing the biggest increase with spending up 192%. Researchers believe that people will be adopting the current trends as the norm. Pet care has also been higher than normal with spending up 14% last week.

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