The most popular websites in Australia

How often do you use the internet? I use it every day for work and play. What do you use the internet for? What websites do you use the most? Is it social media, banking or email? Maybe it’s something very different.

We have found the most popular websites in Australia based on user numbers, and here they are:  

  1. google.com
  2. youtube.com
  3. facebook.com
  4. google.com.au
  5. twitter.com
  6. instagram.com
  7. abc.net.au
  8. ebay.com.au
  9. live.com
  10. news.com.au
  11. wikipedia.org
  12. reddit.com
  13. netflix.com
  14. office.com
  15. pornhub.com
  16. xvideos.com
  17. yahoo.com
  18. xnxx.com
  19. gumtree.com.au
  20. my.gov.au

The first few on the list are no surprise. I was a bit surprised that Twitter is more popular than Instagram. It is also interesting that the most popular news site is ABC. I guess the ABC is a more trusted source of news in Australia. 

It appears Australians are visiting porn sites frequently. Pornhub ranked at number 15 and Australians only account for 1.87 % of their website traffic.

Source: Simialweb.com

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