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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to check out Chatting FIRE – The Australian FIRE forum.

    Chatting FIRE is not designed to compete with the current FIRE groups and subreddits. They are great. Chatting FIRE offers something unique and different.

    Unfortunately, before Chatting FIRE there were no dedicated forums for Australian’s interested in FIRE. A forum offers a great platform to have structured long-form discussion around specific topics related to FIRE.

    These discussions are easily discovered by others to help everyone learn.

    On social media/subs, discussions usually disappear in the feed within 24 hours and are not easily discovered. A forum also offers great personal privacy when discussing financial topics.

    If you’re interested in FIRE, please take the time to join in the conversation and help others on the path to achieving FIRE.

    Your contribution is appreciated.

    Thanks and talk soon.

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